Reduce the impact of your project on resources and the environment. Further, to help your project impact positively on its surroundings, and environment to the degree we can achieve for your project and your budget.

Over the years, PTMA have assisted clients across varied projects in the investigation and use of alternative solutions to traditional challenges. We can explore solutions tailored to your unique project and assist with your project budgeting where required.

Past examples of our work include:

  • Passive solar design to improve comfort in a project
  • Re-use of existing materials, including recycled materials.
  • Straw bale construction
  • Prefabricated (modular) construction
  • Hydronic heating systems
  • Solar (photovoltaic and hot water) including battery systems
  • Tank water and recycled water supplies, as wither supplement to mains water or as complete replacement
  • On-site sewerage systems.
  • And so on
We believe in architecture for all; regardless of the scope of your project and budget, PTMA will explore solutions to reduce the environmental impact of your build.

Evolving landscape: The dry creek bed (in foreground) absorbs significant stormwater and holds it on site. The landscape walls are recycled roof tiles, incorporates to allow flexible re-working of landscape on site over time with minimal waste or impact. The garden bed in front of the house, will form a landscaped terrace to play in, stepping out from the house.