Gain a Home. But lose a client?

Gain a Home. But lose a client?

April 20th, 2015

April 2015: We found out that one of our clients, Joe, committed suicide recently.

We had only just helped Joe to finish his new home earlier in the year.  We designed this to help him target his very fixed budget.

Our client, Joe

Our client, Joe

We were saddened for him to have died so unexpectedly.  The fact that we could work closely with someone for over a year, and be oblivious to so much of what was apparently going on in their life highlighted for us a real disconnect between our lives and works and minds, and those of our clients.

We shared this on our Facebook page, and were overwhelmed by the ongoing response the post received from; those who felt they needed help and felt alone – or knew someone who did…

The responses highlighted to us the need for greater gentle but public acknowledgment of this issue.  To raise awareness of the scale of the unfolding tragedy.  And the general need we all have to feel more genuinely connected.

For those in need, or for those next to someone in need… ask for help.

We suspect that links to these sort of resources should not be only in places where those who need them have to deliberately search (with any perception of stigma attached in needing to search…)

But rather should be hidden in plain view – including by ourselves, now here

We didn’t share this post for sympathy, but because it’s more important than toilets and tiles.  We do love design, and mostly enjoy our work.  However, in the days before Joe committed suicide we saw an article here on the 7.30 report about mental health and suicide.

In this article, it advised that more than 2000 people in Australia die this way every year. Double those who are killed in car crashes.

That’s more than 5 people every day of the year – and the number is not going down.

How can we all be so surrounded by so many people, and not see the damage until it’s too late? As a society, how are we so fractured that this sense of futility is not known and spoken about?

For those who want to contribute financially to an established organisation, try this site to help them support your community

Be mindful of the hurt which lies hidden, behind those around you.

Be kind to each other!

x Peter and Teresa


Recycled feature door from Miami Iceworks used in new Ecovillage Home Design

Joe’s House: Recycled door from Miami Iceworks used as a feature in his Ecovillage Home Design

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We are proud in 2022 to have opened this home for Gold Coast Open House, and Sustainable House Day. This movie is now updated for 2023.

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This modern home design is currently under construction in Coorparoo. The core concept for this project: is the resurrection and transformation of a dilapidated timber church, into the core of a modern family home.

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This modern home design functions as a co-house for 2 families or separate groups. It is being built slowly, evolving with the needs and budgets of the occupants over time.

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