Extension to Hinterland Home

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    We detailed the design for this extension to a family home, in the hinterland behind the Gold Coast.

    For more information see also the recent feature in Sanctuary Magazine, Issue 55

    The original design by John Wilson included for a 3 pavilion home, of which 2 had already been constructed.  These feature a significant amount of recycled materials which provide warmth and texture through the home.  This first stage nestles into the hillside.

    The new pavilion contrasts with the original home, as a modern black and white box sailing out into the view.

    This is connected to the home with a rich family space, connecting entry, pool and landscape to each of the key areas of the home.

    The details include a vented ridge to the top of the roof to help vent the heat in summer before it enters the home.  Externally recycled Australian hardwoods are used to create a small deck linking the rooms to ground.  The simple layout of the pavilion takes full advantage of the views captured as the rooms float out into the void.

    Photography by Blasius Erlinger