Affordable Modern Home Design

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    Stage 1 of this home was constructed for our clients on a site half way between the beaches and the hinterland on the Gold Coast.

    The brief for this stage of the home challenges the construction costs of ”typical” architect designed homes, while also being ambitious in what the home is to achieve for the owners.

    This contributes to the form and features of the home.


    The home will incorporate sustainable features which are becoming typical (pv’s, solar hot water)

    It also includes other, less common features such as: a high proportion of recycled materials.  These include most of the doors and windows, recycled steel and 2 pack kitchen, elements of recycled flooring, balustrade recycled from old school style fencing, and more.


    There are design items which should be fundamental principles for most homes (but sadly are missing from much of the market): it faces north, lets in the winter sun, and blocks most of the summer sun.  All without the flick of an (air conditioning) switch.  Though, or course ac would help with the humid February weather!

    This stage of the home also challenges our perceptions of size.  Australia’s homes are some of the largest in the world with our averages well over 200sqm.  (As, no doubt, are many of our mortgages.)

    This stage of this modern home design – which is equivalent to a 2 bedroom home – includes around 60sqm internal area plus deck.  Yet feels light and even spacious for single, couple or small family: while still allowing enough room on the block for the remainder of the house to accommodate a growing family.


    Up-lighting feature washes up the wall from pelmet over openings. Allowing curtains to be added to retain winter warmth. Recycled doors and windows help add character. A black painted floor helps contrast the light walls while allowing a budget alternative to hardwood flooring.

    It is designed on the site to allow a staged approach to construction – so that the home can be extended over time to suit budgets and needs.


    (photos by Alex Hunt Photography)