Building Materials and Methodologies

PTMA have assisted clients on different projects, in investigation and use of alternative solutions to traditional challenges.  This can reduce the impact of the project on resources and the environment.  It can also assist clients with their project budgeting where required.  This has included –

  • re-use of existing materials including recycled materials.
  • straw bale construction,
  • prefabricated (modular) construction,
  • hydronic heating systems,
  • solar (pv’s and hot water – which are now becoming more common place.)
  • tank water and recycled water supplies to either supplement mains (town) water supplies or replace them
  • on site sewerage systems


Reuse of building materials: in this instance re-use of old roof tiles as garden edges and paving


Strawbale wall construction: with significant insulating properties, blocking the hot western sun from this extension.


Heating a space by heating the floor: hydronic heating pipes laid in the concrete floor. An efficient way to heat a space without intruding into the finished room.


















Prefabrication: building components, or entire buildings off site can have advantages for the right project.


Prefabrication: entire homes can be trucked to site and craned into location, reducing the time spent building on site.