Ecovillage Home, a Shared Design: Sanctuary Magazine Issue 31

Ecovillage Home, a Shared Design: Sanctuary Magazine Issue 31

May 9th, 2015

May 2015: We are excited that our co-house design has been included in the current issue of Sanctuary Magazine.  (Published quarterly, this magazine features examples of sustainable design in Australia.) 

This issue (#SanctuaryIssue31) features include –

  1. examples  of modular builds,
  2. houses which feature reuse of materials, as well as
  3. exploring the ‘tiny house’ movement
  4. sustainable gardening practices,
  5. examples of share house (co-house design), and
  6. ways to help control the costs of construction for homes and renovations.

These are all issues which we are passionate about.  We enjoy addressing where we can in our work as well as, slowly, in our own home.

Our own home is designed a shared house (or a co-house design)

You can also see images of our place as it evolves

  • on our website, or
  • on occasion on our facebook page amongst a stream of other thoughts and posts which keep us entertained.

If interested you can support the magazine by picking up a copy at your newsagent or online

To help move towards this way of living, you can join the Alternative Technology Association (ATA) to support their work

You can read the article extract here.



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We are proud in 2022 to have opened this home for Gold Coast Open House, and Sustainable House Day. This movie is now updated for 2023.

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This modern home design is currently under construction in Coorparoo. The core concept for this project: is the resurrection and transformation of a dilapidated timber church, into the core of a modern family home.

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This modern home design functions as a co-house for 2 families or separate groups. It is being built slowly, evolving with the needs and budgets of the occupants over time.

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