Life on Mars?

Life on Mars?

November 10th, 2015

Life on Mars?

A friend recently promised to commission us to design for her a waterfront property in a Canal Estate on Mars.


We’re not exactly holding our breaths (though, of course we would have to, for site visits).  However, it does make us think…

What if, when we get to Mars we Discover Life had been there Before.

When we finally send missions to Mars, and start to scratch below the surface: what if we do find history of life on that planet.

In an archaeological dig, we find that the planet once had a rich ecosystem of vegetation and minerals, and animal life. A rich architecture and culture, and a diverse population.

It becomes obvious that, at some point the climate of that planet changed and made it in-hospitable.  We discover that significant mineral extraction and over-use stripped the soil of its carrying capacity, and made the atmosphere fragile.

The actions of life had pushed that planet’s ability to support life to the edge – and then something tipped it over.

The oils, gases and subterranean waters which had for generations lubricated the movement of the continental plates and supported life: were pumped to the surface and burned. Perhaps they triggered more violent and substantial earthquakes and eruptions.

And what, then, if we discovered it was Us: We’d already left a Planet once Before

What if we find clues… evidence to suggest civilisation realised it was in trouble.

Instead of fixing the problems, it sent craft carrying survivors to it’s nearest neighbours: with the hope of continuing life for their species.  On the list of planetary neighbours which they thought would support life – was Earth.

What if Earth is not where we come from, but where we had already fled to?

What if we have forgotten where we came from, and why?  Is that why we look to the sky and wonder?  Why Mars holds such fascination?

Perhaps along with our long held habits of consumption, we have a vague collective memory of another home which means we keep looking elsewhere.

Would discovering that make us value what we have here, more?  Help us work harder, collectively, to protect it?

Or make us lose hope that we can change?

Holy hell batman, too much thinking for one day.
(Hey look: there’s Matt Damon’s sequel right there!)


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We are proud in 2022 to have opened this home for Gold Coast Open House, and Sustainable House Day. This movie is now updated for 2023.

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This modern home design is currently under construction in Coorparoo. The core concept for this project: is the resurrection and transformation of a dilapidated timber church, into the core of a modern family home.

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This modern home design functions as a co-house for 2 families or separate groups. It is being built slowly, evolving with the needs and budgets of the occupants over time.

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