Bronte Semi-Attached Terrace Renovation

    • 2024-04-04 09.35.45
    2024-04-04 09.35.45

    A moment captured from the street in front of this Sydney project, prior to commencing.

    There is something wonderful about helping re-imagine constrained sites.

    This semi-attached terrace faces west towards hot setting sun.

    Its main living rooms and courtyard face south towards an overlooking 4 storey apartment building.

    The attached 2 storey terrace to the northern boundary limits the ability to catch winter daylight, to light and warm the home in winter.

    It leaks. It’s doorbell doesn’t work…

    Large sites with spectacular views and big budgets are fun of course! And can result in amazing architecture.

    However, a constrained site re-imagined can improve value, comfort and sustainability. And change the lives of a family outgrowing a home they shouldn’t have to leave.

    Our concept includes to

    • keep areas of the existing dwelling.
    • where areas of the existing home need to be demolished, the materials from that are planned to be salvaged.  These are intended firstly for re-use in the new home.  Where not required for re-use they are to be sent seconds yards for re-use by others.  Where that is not feasible (due to deterioration or damage in removal) their components are to be recycled.

    This project is designed and approved, with construction planned to commence in 2024.

    It likely won’t be net zero. But we’ll try. And test it. And then do better next time.

    Film and footage by Nikolas Strugar, Ravens at Odds.

    We note:

    It feels unusual in our industry to show images of worn buildings which have been home to decades of history – and look tired from the effort.

    Social media and reality tv urge us to nip, and to tuck – and to celebrate that result instead.

    However the reality is that – raising families wears out homes, along with parents.

    We are not good, as an industry, at taking care of what we already have. Maintenance isn’t seen as fun or sexy.

    Sprawling out to newer suburbs is easier. Demolition is easier.

    Sometimes it’s the only option of course. Asbestos and termites aren’t our friends.

    But we need to get better at celebrating the age lines which define us and our homes. And finding ways to reduce, reuse and (only then) recycle.

    The Australian Institute of Architects has declared net zero by 2030 to be a target for Architects. That’s only 6 years away.

    Projects starting in the next couple of years might be under construction in 2030. 

    We’ve a long way to go.

    Render of our design concept by Response Image. (Artist Impression only)